About Me

I wouldn’t bother to describe me.  My blog is fueled by existential rubbish, hedonic behavior, incessant whining, my inner ratchet, the loss of all my inhibitions and living my own sexual revolution, one frontier at a time. I’m a writer. I survive on intimacy and tomorrow. I make art. My skills include falling in love with people I can’t have, saying the most inappropriate things and talking to a camera on youtube. I’m an aspiring minimalist. And I’m just as unique as the next chick claims to be. Follow me down this rabbit hole. We’re all mad here.

  • Ty

    Hello Alexis, I wanted to let you know I’m a fan of your vlog chanel. It takes a special kind of person to be able to be so transparent and stay strong against public opinion like you do. I am a very strong person but my weakness happens to be my temper on occasion ?. Any tips as to how I can also show my talents while keeping myself calm when it’s time to hear feedback? I write music I have been doing so since I was 8, but I have never publicly shown anything in fact I usually delete it when I’m done. Your one of my top 5 favorite Vlogers and you seem very close to us as followers so I just wanted to ask for some advice.


  • HI sista love your blog and youtube love from england


  • Bass Line

    This lil chick is other demitionally beautiful. Lawd HAMMER C!!!!!! I’m bringing a ring on our first date lol!!!!!